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So I Hired a Receptionist……………………..

This year must be the year for people looking to change careers because the phone has rung non-stop since January. Originally, I thought it would quieten down but eight months into the year – EVERYONE is on the job hunt.

This is great because I LOVE writing resumes but comes with the added challenge of ………….well a phone that won’t stop ringing.

And every time I stop writing to answer the phone, I lose my writing thread and must start all over again.

So……………….I hired a receptionist! I’ll still write your resume, respond to your emails, and do the initial phone consultation with you but reception will handle any incoming calls. So, things like prices, bookings, FAQ’s will be handled by reception.

This will free up my time to do the super important stuff – like write your actual resume!

To help use all transition to this new process, I’ve written a handy guide below.😊

The Guide

I want to book in for a new resume, criteria or cover letter. The fastest way is to email a copy of your old resume to I’ll review it and personally give you a call to answer any questions you have and to collect any extra information within 24 hours (business days). If you don’t have an old resume, simply flick me through an email and I’ll send you a quick intake form instead.

I want information on your prices. Current prices are listed here:

I want to check on the status of my order. Send an email to or a text to 0439 160 982.

I have a question not listed above: Call reception on 0439 160 982.

I’m not very tech savvy and want to talk to someone: Call reception on 0439 160 982.

I want to check your availability for your resume, criteria or cover letter: The easiest way is to send me a text to 0439 160 982 or you can send me an email at

For anything else: Call reception on 0439 160 982

What will reception take over?

Reception will take over answering the phone only. I will still personally call you once I have a copy of all your information to go over the process, any questions you have and to get any additional info you need.

Reception can answer any FAQ’s you have or take bookings or relay messages.

What will Nicole still do?

Everything else. The emails, resume, and phone consultation once I have all your documents will still be handled by me. I simply need to be able to write the resumes without the phone interrupting my thread😊.

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Emmanuel Emotion
Emmanuel Emotion
Oct 18, 2023


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