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June 2023 Newsletter

Hello and welcome to June! This year is really flying by, huh? Here's a quick recap at what is happening at Resume Central this month (or rather what happened last month).

First up. My dear colleague John Back has decided to retire. I know many of you have worked with John when I have been away on leave and I am very sad to see him go - but I'm sure you all agree that his retirement is well deserved! A big shout out and much love to John for all his hard work over the years.

What I'm Reading: Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer. Have you read it? Seen the movie? I'd love to know your thoughts! I saw the movie years ago and felt very conflicted about my opinion on the main character - Christopher McCandless. People either loved him and saw him a a true visionary or hated him and found him to be a selfish entitled brat. After reading the book, I feel like he was driven by severe intimacy issues and the whole thing was sad and tragic. I'd love to know your thoughts. Foer those who haven't read the book or seen the movie, it's the true story of Christopher McCandless, a young, smart college student who disappears from mainstream life and sets out for adventure in Alaska. It's a really good read and I highly recommend it.

What I'm Watching: Confession. It's been so busy here at the moment, I don't think I've watched anything at all! I tried watching Queen Charlotte but didn't have enough spare time to get past the second episode.

What I'm listening to: Lots of Celine Dion! One of her songs randomly appeared on my YouTube play list last week and now I'm revisiting all her old hits. The women can sing!

What I'm working on: I really want to create a library of courses for you covering EVERYTHING you need to know about resumes, criteria and interviews. It's a long process so don't be surprised if I'm still working on it this time next year!

Photo of the month: I took two days off work and went camping. Specifically I went camping in Borumba Deer Park and saw Xavier Rudd play. He is AMAZING! Borumba Deer Park is also an amazing place for camping. There was a three day festival happening and guess what - it was AMAZING as well. It was called Pranafest and I really enjoyed myself (even if we had to pack up camp in the rain the last day).

That's a wrap from me. I'd love to help you with all your resume and cover letter needs. You can check out the current prices below.

Till Next Month


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