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Launceston Resume Writer
Winner of the Australian Enterprise Awards 'Best Independent Resume Writer of the Year' Award

Ready in 48 hours. Experienced Writer. Hundreds of Positive Customer Reviews. You will get more Interviews!

Winner of the Australian Enterprise Awards 'Best Independent Resume Writer of the Year' Award

What Can A Professional Resume Do For You?


A professional resume will get you more interviews and more interviews equals more career opportunities which means more money for you.


A professional resume is an investment in your future. My clients land more jobs and get paid better! Have a look at some of my client results below:

Jason: Jason jumped from $58,000 per year to $120,000 when I created a professional resume which allowed him to switch careers from factory work to the oil and gas industry.

Donna: Donna switched from $600 a fortnight on a carer pension to a $65,000 office administration role.

Natalie: Natalie went from working in a Warehouse Factory for $50,000 per year to employment as a Youth Worker for $80,000.

Brett: Brett jumped from an $80,000 per year plumbing job to a $105,000 Plumbing Supervisor role.

Tammy: Tammy went from being unemployed for six months to a $90,000 per year management role.

Lee: Lee went from working in a kitchen part time to a full-time role as a Teachers Aide.

Debbie: Debbie went from working as a Case Worker to working as a Service Manager and increased her yearly income by $15,000 in the process.

Sarah: Sarah switched law firms with an $11,000 per raise.

Jamie: Jamie moved up the ranks from Sales Person to Store Manager for an extra $16,000 per year.


A resume is an investment in your future. Beat inflation with a pay-rise this year!


Get a professional resume and get more interviews!

Launceston Resume & Selection Criteria  Service

– Starting From $259

You will get more interviews!

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Why Choose Me As Your Launceston Resume & Selection Criteria Writer?

Reasonable Rates: My resume writing rates are incredibly reasonable. You can check out my current prices here.

Quick Turnaround: I can get your resume back to you in 48 hours (business days) upon receiving your information, sometimes sooner depending on availability.

Easy Order Process: My order process is very simple. Simply email over a copy of your old resume or give me a call if you don’t have one. Once I have the information, I will give you a call to collect the rest of the details and your resume draft will be emailed to you within two working days for approval.

Experience: I’m the preferred supplier for several agencies so you know that my work meets quality standards.

Selection Criteria Writing: I also write selection criteria for Launceston customers so if you need selection criteria or a new cover letter, you can purchase a complete package and get it all done at once.

Australian Writer: I do all my own work, so you deal with me direct. The same person who takes your initial call is the same person who writes your resume. No outsourcing to other countries.

Phone Support: Many resume writing businesses in Launceston outsource the work to the Philippines which means you can’t talk to your resume writer on the phone. I’m based in Australia so you can talk to me on the phone.

Before the interview

Launceston Resume Writer 

ON SALE: Resume and Cover Letter Package $299

Price Includes: 

  • Designer Resume (usually $299)

  • Cover Letter (usually $79)

  • Phone Support

  • Ebook 'Get The Job You Love' (usually $9.99)

  • Ebook 'Selection Criteria Examples'  (usually $9.99)

  • Career Accelerator Package (usually $49)

  • 'Fill in the Blank' Selection Criteria Templates (usually $49)

  • Online Selection Criteria Writing Course (usually $49)

A Letter From Your Launceston Resume & Selection Criteria Writer

Hi there,

I’m Nicole Coggan. I started writing resumes over 16 years ago for major employment agencies including MAX and ITEC before starting my own resume writing and selection criteria business in 2012. Since then, I have written thousands of resumes for people living in Launceston, Tasmania and beyond.


I’m passionate about helping people to increase their income, find the job of their dreams and live their best life. Because of this I keep my prices reasonable, and I only take on your work if I know that I can help you get more interviews. If I feel your resume is perfect as it is, I’ll be the first person to let you know. Ditto, if I feel that another resume writer is more suited to your industry. Most of my work comes through referrals so I only work with clients when I absolutely know that I am the best resume service provider for them.

I’d love to help you get more interviews this year. Send me an email to and let’s get started.


To your success

Nicole Coggan

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