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You Will Get More Interviews!

Geelong Resume Writer
Winner of the Australian Enterprise Awards 'Best Independent Resume Writer of the Year' Award

Job interview
Do any of this sound familiar?

Do chronically over-deliver and then feel resentful about it?

Your bank balance doesn’t even begin to reflect the massive amount of work you are putting into your career?

You live in a permanent cycle of “feast or famine” and never feel like you have enough?

You can’t see how you could possibly increase your income without working harder?

You feel stuck in your current career. Your career has stalled, or you’ve hit a plateau you want to break through?

You feel massive resistance to changing jobs?

If any of these apply to you, a professional resume can help you grow your potential and increase your income.

Geelong Resume Service

How Do You Know If Your Resume Is Holding You Back?

Because it probably is.

Why am I so sure of that? 90% of the resumes that come through my office are not as effective as they could be in getting my client interviews.

And if your resume does fall into the 10% of people whose resume is working, I’ll be the first person to let you know. I only take on your work if I am confident, it will get you more interviews.

look at each other

Are you stuck and lying awake at night wishing your career could be different?

Hi, I'm Nicole Coggan -  Your Professional Geelong Resume Writer

It can be hard to imagine breaking through your current plateau without having to work even harder.


No matter where you're at right now, how deep your fear, how painful your frustration, I want to reassure you, this is a problem that can be solved with a professional resume.

I use proven systems and processes that can help you get where you want to be. There are tools and strategies that should be applied to your resume.

Without acting you're likely to continue your current path.

You'll continue to work harder, burn out, and feel frustrated at your income, unable to break through and make your dreams happen. But you can make this change and it starts with a professional resume.

I know that it can feel frustrating when you can see and feel so clearly what is possible for you, yet there is something holding you back from landing the job of your dreams.

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What’s Possible with A Professional Resume?

A new professional resume will get you more interviews and as a knock on effect, you can:

Increase your income

Break through your income plateau.

Get a pay rise and earn what you deserve.

Become debt-free and financially secure.

Buy your dream home

Better Work/Life Balance

More Career Opportunities

Geelong Resume Services

How do I order a professional resume?

It’s super simple. Simply give me a call on 0439 160 982 or email over a copy of your old resume to and I’ll give you a call to get the rest of the information I need.  Once I have this information, I will get a draft of the resume back to you for your approval within (2) business days.

Professional Resume Geelong

With a new resume, you’ll be empowered and confident to build your legacy, make money and change the world.

Breaking through your career plateau and upgrading your mindset to welcome more flow into your life is exactly what you will get from a new professional resume.

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