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Get More Interviews With A Professional Resume


Your new professional resume, ready in two business days and written by an experienced Resume and Selection Criteria Writer with 12+ Years Experience. 


Albany Resume Writing - Your Western Australia Resume Service

A professional resume is for a person who wants to up-level their income and life.


Whether you're just starting out or you have an established career.


A professional resume will transform your career mindset.


It’s a step by step, proven system to get you more interviews So you can realize your potential and break through your income plateau.

Order Your New Resume Today

A professional resume is both simple and completely transformative.

I know you have a busy life, which is why the order process is so simple. Simply give me a call on 0439 160 982 or send me an email at and I’ll get the information you need to pull together a brand-new resume in two business days or less.


I use a step-by-step process on every resume to ensure you get more interviews when you use it.


Stop the self-sabotage and get a job you will love today.

Conversation Between Colleagues
Job interview


As a Resume Writer with over 15 years’ experience, I understand the PRECISE strategies you need to make your resume become a career magnet.

I can answer your questions and provide ongoing support and encouragement.

If you order your new resume today, you get stacks of bonuses for the same price. View bonuses here.


A new resume will help you get clear of limiting beliefs and create a life of financial freedom as you know that you have a resume that gets results.


It’s time to stop living in a cycle of “feast or famine” and to invest in your future with a professional resume to get you a job you will love.


Are you procrastinating on getting your resume organised?

And do you feel massive resistance around putting yourself out there?

When it comes to your career, we’re all unique in the way we sabotage ourselves and hold ourselves back.


As your Resume Writer, I’ll be zeroing in on how and where you’re stuck so I can create you a resume that gets you more interviews.

With a professional resume you will:

Improve your earning potential

Get more interviews

Upgrade your career

Get that promotion


My name is Nicole Coggan

Let me declutter your existing resume so that it highlights your achievements and skips the boring bits.

It’s time to bust through all the negative talk to create a First-Class career.

 It’s your time. You are not destined to a future of setbacks, stumbling blocks, and ongoing struggle.

Together we can create a healthier relationship with your career and get you more interviews

IMG_E7521 - Copy.JPG


I know you have a HUGE desire for more, and tons of frustration that it’s not coming quickly enough!

Let me help you get unstuck and moving with a professional resume.

Connect with me to keep you moving and break through your career blocks.

A new professional resume is the absolute best way to get ahead in your career.

If you’ve been looking for an “excuse” to get a professional resume done - NOW is the time!

A professional resume will get you to your next stage in your career (whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned pro).


The good news is that a professional resume will have a powerful impact on your ability to hit your career targets quicker and get more interviews. 

Moving up and breaking through your career plateau requires a keen understanding of your achievements. I can help with this.

Call me on 0439 160 982 or email and let's get started. 

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