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Selection Criteria Examples - Achieves Results

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

Selection Criteria Example - Achieves Results: (Office Manager Application)      

    I achieve results through the continuous review of my progress. I consult with others, coordinate projects, foster relations with my team, meet deadlines, secure stakeholder commitment and use innovative solutions to solve any challenges in order to deliver a measurable result. For the past 2+ years, I have been employed as the Student Advisor for the University of Kingsthorpe where I provide advice, registration and individualised assistance to international students from admission through graduation. At the start of the 2013 school year, I arranged an Australia Zoo style orientation for the international students which involved a race consisting of various activities (and prizes) to familiarise students with their surroundings in a fun environment. In order to meet deadlines and budget concerns, I needed to carefully evaluate the costs and benefits for each individual challenge and the race as a whole. After I received feedback that the students wanted the ‘race’ pushed forward one week so that it would not conflict with their university studies, I weighed up the potentials and concerns of the situation to see if this was viable. The advantage of moving the race forward would be increased participation. However, it would also mean re-advertising the ‘race’ and getting the final touches on the competition completed in time, which included sponsorship arrangements.  After consulting with my team, we decided the increased participation from our students (our objective is always to support the student) would be worth the cost to re-advertise and that we could meet this new deadline by making some simple changes to our existing milestones. As a result of this change, we achieved the highest student participation rate since starting the ‘Australia ZOO Challenge’ a few years ago, with positive feedback from the students and staff members alike.

Selection Criteria Example  - Achieves Results: Marketing Officer Application

I contribute my own expertise in marketing and promotions, including principles and practices to achieve results.  For example one of the key practices of marketing is to build trust with your audience. I have achieved this by creating personal and transparent content which is posted to our employment blog and sent to our customers via email marketing. Specifically a recent post called ‘I Failed At My Career’ based on my personal experience as a teenager resulted in a 34.5% open rate compared to the industry average of 16.1%. I received extensive positive feedback from this post and a number of new clients who stated they had read the post and as a result wanted to work with another human rather than a faceless corporation. With regards to mailing list management I adhere to the marketing principles of building relationships with clients by providing relevant and helpful content. Another recent post “You Want a New Job So Why Aren’t You Doing This One Thing?”’ had an opening rate of 35.7% compared to the industry average of 16.1%. One of my main responsibilities is to manage the mailing list which includes updating and checking the accuracy of our records. I schedule this to occur weekly on a Friday. I also schedule monthly blog posts and emails to the list; automating the process to send on a set date and time. I use the automation functions of Mail Chimp to create launch sequences for new products which deliver according to a set schedule. As a small business NCRS has a small budget and through the implementation of the blog and email list I was able to reduce this expenditure by 70% demonstrating my ability to work with the budget resources available.

Selection Criteria Example - Achieves Results (Project Manager Application)

I have the ability to achieve results which has resulted in positive feedback from all my employers and a number of key stakeholders.  I have been praised for my ability to coordinate the delivery of projects and for my commitment to undertake additional activities. Senior management has stated that I am “dependable” and “responsible” with “the ability to deliver results in shorter timeframes than anticipated”.  I am able to meet project terms and exceed expectations on the work that I deliver. I am the recipient of a number of awards that demonstrate my ability to achieve results. For example, I have received a number of “Excellence” and “Project Delivery Awards” through my current employment at Custom Carriers and I am also a recipient of the “Clear Thinker” award and a “Compliance” award for achieving best practices. Some of the results that I have achieved over my six years of employment with Custom Carriers include my vender management style which in one example reduced vender costs from $10,000 to $1,500. I have also reduced the call costs of Senior Management by enabling them to use Wifi to make interstate and international calls or leveraging back to an Australian Provider when overseas. I removed a 27 second call wait time by noticing that the privacy policy was repeated and therefore eliminated it. This was from a department that received over 10M calls per annum. An example of my ability to achieve results was my recent management of the BAA Project. I was required to design how call transfers were processed from one call to the next, based on the customer requirements of a 1300 number. I needed to meet a number of objectives such as matching the transferred call to the best possible person, putting in contingency plans for emergencies and public holidays and matching databases to calls.  The project also required that clients be transferred in the quickest possible time.

In order to do this, I first gathered the system requirements and researched the option coding and self-serve options. I also completed a “position matrix” for call responses. After I had developed the design, I had a “walkthrough” meeting with the key stakeholders to explain the technology, how it worked, what it would look like, what the result would be and how much it would cost. I also conducted individual meetings for the stakeholders who had additional questions or who were unsure of the technology involved. During these meetings, I further explained how the system would operate. After this project was signed approved, I completed all the coding and testing before putting the project into production. The end result was reduced holding times for customers, a better transfer rate and a contingency plan that worked.

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