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Team Work Selection Criteria Examples

Updated: Nov 11, 2022

Demonstrated interpersonal ability and ability to collaborate as part of an ICT team (IT Technician Application)

I have experience working as part of an ICT team as demonstrated through my previous employment and volunteer work and also through my university studies where I successfully managed a Software Team Project compromising of 6 team members resulting in a High Distinction for the project and our team being recognised as one of the best teams at Project Presentations. I also led a team of 8 staff at the Best Graphics Training Centre where I equipped staff with leadership skills in order to manage their jobs efficiently and effectively. I was also responsible for planning the activities for staff training and supervising a team of office staff. I also lead a team of 5 while employed by MYSRL Customer Support. I also have the ability to communicate in a cross cultural manner with staff members from various demographic backgrounds and I treat all staff members as equal and actively set time aside to assist with mentoring and training others if they identify that they require further assistance.

Proven capacity to work as part of a team and be adaptable and flexible (Teachers Aid Application)

I have the proven ability to work as a team to achieve results. While completing my placement at Saint Anne’s, I worked with a small team of other teachers. During my placement, I worked in the Kindergarten, Year 1/2 room and year 2/3 classrooms. I asked the teachers for their input on my progress and communicated any ideas that I had openly. I assisted the teachers to meet their learning targets through undertaking any extra activities they asked of me and I treated all the teachers as equals, forging many professional associations.

Prior to my placement at Saint Anne’s, I worked in a number of hospitality roles which required working as part of a team to get the job done. I often participated in team meetings and provided input and suggestions into ways we could improve our performance. I assisted other team members to complete their tasks on time and provided training and assistance to new staff members when required. With regards to my ability to demonstrate flexibility and adaptability, this is demonstrated through my ability to take on extra shifts during my hospitality career with little or no notice. I was also regularly required to work weekends, nights and public holidays which demonstrated my ability to remain adaptable to a changing work environment.

For example, I have the ability to respond quickly to changing situations demonstrated while employed at the Casino. On this particular day, I was responsible for selling tickets for a function and it had been arranged that another staff member would relieve me at a set time. The other staff member did not turn up and it was a very busy day. I demonstrated my ability to remain flexible by continuing with the role until the end of the race day with no assistance or relief from other staff members which earned considerable praise from management.

Supports Productive Working Relationships (Office Manager Application)

Prior to employment as a Student Advisor, I worked as the Manager of the International Student Support Service which indicates that most of my career has been spent working with people from different religious or cultural beliefs to my own. I understand the relative policies and legislation which governs equity and diversity laws in Australia and I am receptive to new ideas and cultural differences. I use my interaction with people from other cultures as an opportunity to increase my own self-awareness and am aware of the benefit that a multicultural environment brings to both an organisation and Australia as a whole. My role requires that I confront any prejudicial behaviour in students and I frequently examine my own thoughts and actions to confirm that I do not demonstrate stereotypical or exclusive responses.

For example, when I first started to work at the University, I noticed that some of our Middle Eastern male students presented as rude and demanding. After conducting research into the culture and traditions of the Middle East, I identified that the students were not necessarily being rude, but due to cultural differences, their tone of voice sometimes came across that way to people from a non-Middle Eastern background. My ability to not take the situation personally has allowed me to foster excellent relationships with these students and to build a professional relationship built on trust and respect. Further evidence of my ability to foster relationships with students and provide excellent customer service, regardless of cultural backgrounds is obtained by my history of meeting all Key Performance Indicators set by the university including a rating of ‘excellent’ for customer service skills.

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