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Strategic Direction/Strategic Thinking Selection Criteria Examples

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

Are you stuck on how to write selection criteria for the strategic thinking or strategic direction questions? I have some selection criteria examples which will help you answer these questions in your application.

Selection Criteria Examples: Supports Strategic Direction (Marketing Officer Selection Criteria)

In charge of marketing and advertising for NCRS I implemented a complete overhaul of the original marketing structure. I conducted a strengths and needs assessment of the work environment and goals to develop a six point marketing plan with the goal of reducing advertising spend, increasing customer engagement and moving our website from Webs to a self-hosted WordPress platform. In order to compete on a national scale I developed a plan to reduce Google Adwords expenditure through the launch of an email marketing campaign, changes to all sales and website copy, the addition of an employment focused blog to the site and the transfer of our site from Webs to WordPress for better integration with marketing software (LeadPages, Pop Up Ally and Mail Chimp).

With no knowledge of WordPress or any of the integrations I sourced knowledge on how to complete the site transfer via Google, online technology forums, software support pages and various Help Desks. I watched online tutorials, took detailed notes and implemented what I had learnt.

By split testing the copy on our sales page I identified that personal, informal and transparent communication resulted in a higher conversion rate as opposed to the formal style used by big business. I also identified we could increase sales through the implementation of an ‘opt in’ where we would automatically send potential customers a ‘resume achievement question list’ which would assist the reader to identify their selling points to the employer. In return for the resume achievement questions the reader would join our email list and we could continue to market our services to them using Mail Chimp automation software. This led to a decrease of 70% on our advertising spend, increased referrals and ensured that 95% of our clients were our ‘ideal customer’.

Selection Criteria Example: Shapes Strategic Thinking As the Sourcing Team Leader and Senior Recruitment Consultant for Muppet Recruitment it is my role to performance manage and coach my team to harness information and opportunities in order to meet the strategic direction of our organisation. At Muppet, our mission is to be the best we can be in order to compete with the 70+ other IT recruiters located in the Toowoomba geographical area. This includes increasing our revenue in order to expand our team by providing top level training to all our recruitment staff. In order to meet these strategic objectives, I assess emerging issues and trends in the IT field and develop long term solutions through performance mentoring and training.

For example, our recruitment staff have a certain amount of activity based key performance indicators they need to meet to reach their individual targets. These activities include phone calls made, candidate interviews, submissions sent etc. When I identify that a staff member is not reaching their potential, the first thing I check is which activity area is not being achieved. For example, a staff member may not be making enough phone calls to potential clients. After I identify the problem, I work with the team member to come up with a solution and provide tips, mentoring and any further training the staff member requires. After a solution has been agreed to, I closely monitor the staff member’s performance to ensure that the solution implemented is effective.

For example, since April I have worked closely with one of our Recruitment Personnel who mentioned that she finds it intimidating to speak to candidates who have higher qualifications or more experience in the IT industry. As a result of this lack of confidence, the staff member’s key performance indicators suffered. To combat this issue, I held a meeting with the staff member and reminded her that our role was to find these candidates employment and that as a recruitment specialist, although she did not have as many credentials as some of her candidates, she did have more experience in the recruitment field which was why candidates sourced her assistance.

We also implemented some strategies to assist the staff member to rebuild her confidence. For example, the staff member researched each role and the candidate, listing any possible questions they may ask prior to contacting the candidate about a potential position. This ensured that she was prepared and did not falter when asked specific questions. Since implementing these strategies, this staff member has met all indicators and targets and has stated that she feels more confident in her role. Her number of referrals has also increased. As demonstrated, I believe that a progressive mindset, finding alternative solutions to problems and focusing on the long term goals are key to shaping the strategic thinking ability of a team.

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