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Communicates With Influence Selection Criteria Examples

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

My guess is that you need some help to find out what you should write to address selection criteria relating to 'communicates with influence'. Some times the selection criteria is called something else like 'interpersonal skills' or 'high level of verbal and written communication skills' but for the most part it means the same thing.

To help I've compiled a quick list of example selection criteria relating to the communication topic pretty much every application wants you to address.

Here are your selection criteria examples:

Selection Criteria Example: Communicates with Influence (Office Manager Application)

I communicate with influence and present information in a clear and concise manner. I also offer demonstrated experience in networking and communicating with external bodies. For example prior to NCRS I worked in Child Protection where I frequently networked and negotiated between Foster Carers and the Department of Communities (DOCS). Child Protection matters can be highly charged and sensitive so it was vital that I approached all negotiation from a neutral perspective based on facts and evidence.

In this role I was also responsible for conducting Foster Carer Assessments to determine the suitability of potential carers which required a comprehensive assessment report to be completed and forwarded to DOCS. It was vital that the report contained all information prevalent to the assessment no matter how small as this evidence could be used in court in the event of a future incident.

In my current role I write clear and concise advertising for Google Adwords Campaigns. With an Adwords Campaign I only have three lines to meet a number of objectives. As the company only pays when someone clicks on the advertisement it is vital that the text discourages individuals who are not the right fit for the service. For example I include the price so people with a limited budget don’t click on it. I also include the fact the NCRS only does phone or email appointments so that clients looking for a face to face consult also avoid clicking on the advertisement. At the same time I need to ensure the text invites out ideal clients to visit our sales page by including the terms they are searching for such as “professional resume service” and any specials or promotions.

Selection Criteria Example: Excellent interpersonal, verbal and written communication skills (IT Team Leader Application)

My interpersonal skills are demonstrated through my position as Team Leader. I lead a team of four staff members, sometimes in high pressure and tense environments. I also work with both technical and non-technical stakeholders on cross function projects and via remote communication such as email, phone, instant messenger and video conferencing.

Reporting to Senior Management, I produce ad hoc reports, including progress reports for management, technical data reports and analysis and coverage reports. I also write technical papers, respond to email enquiries, write content for the internet, deliver presentations, chair the Change Advisory Board, conduct team meetings and run meetings according to specific projects. I have presented to audiences of 40+ participants and conducted workshops and training for groups of 12.

Selection Criteria Example: Communicates with Influence (Team Leader Application)

I have the ability to communicate with influence, including well developed oral and written communication skills. For example, I had a customer who presented in an aggressive and stressed state. The customer stated that he had been “terminated” by his employer and that he required emergency income assistance in order to feed his family. When I contacted the employer to confirm the customer’s testimonial, the employer stated that the customer had not been terminated but had instead refused to come to work. This information meant that the customer had breached his participation requirements and could face an 8 week non-payment period. After listening to the customer and taking his individual circumstances into account (which were quite extreme), I was able to make a decision in favour of the customer and arrange for an urgent emergency payment through our service centre so that the customer could buy food to feed himself and his family.

I respond to emails from other staff members, process claims, read forms to confirm that clients have completed the paperwork correctly and study legislation and payment types to ensure that I am providing customers with the correct information. When it comes to written communication skills I apply basic organisation and structure to my communication to ensure that it is clear and easy to read. I avoid jargon and ensure I understand the issue that is being addressed.

I apply the same skills to verbal communication. I communicate with customers via the telephone and I liaise with other staff members and external agencies through email or in person. I acknowledge any differences of opinion, negotiate, use analogies to explain concepts, utilise logic and explain technical terms to people with no technical background. I actively put forward my views demonstrated by speaking up on a regular basis at team meetings.

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