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  • Kathryn Bailey

IT Selection Criteria Example

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

Knowledge and Experience (IT Project Manager Application)

As an IT Recruiter with qualifications in Information Systems and Information Technology and proven experience leading small teams in an IT environment, I am certain that I have the knowledge and experience that you require for this position. I am a Microsoft Certified Professional and Apple Certified Macintosh Technician demonstrating my technical knowledge. I’ve also completed International Leadership Training as part of my professional development demonstrating my ability to lead small teams to achieve project management outcomes. Previous positions as an Office Support Technician and Service Technician have provided me with a clear understanding of project management methodologies and the understanding required to break down work structures to achieve results in an IT environment. In my role as Service Technician, I managed a number of IT projects which included the deployment of specific computer programs into a school based environment. I was involved from design to implementation, which included setting the group policy for the project, keeping the team on track by setting and monitoring milestones and working to a strict timeframe.  Specifically, I implemented the roll out and SOE deployment in a number of Toowoomba Private Schools and purchased hundreds of laptop computers from Apple, coordinated the system requirements and SOE images and deployed the images and systems onsite. All of these projects were delivered on time and according to budget with deadlines occurring from a few days to one month.

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I have also gained an understanding and knowledge of project management methodologies and principles during my time working in IT recruitment. In order to recruit suitable candidates for my client's IT projects, I was required to understand various project management methodologies and systems such as PRINCE2, Agile, ITIL and CCPM etc. This experience provided the understanding you require in systems infrastructure and database design and I have an excellent understanding of the key technical terms and functions of integration and technology. During my study of BIT and MIS, I have gained extensive knowledge in various fields of IT including systems, infrastructure, networking, security, telecommunications, database and software application etc. During my time as the technical sales consultant and service technician, I gained hands on experience in designing, building, implementing and troubleshooting Windows and Macintosh computer systems at both desktop and server level. In my current role, I have successfully placed candidates into almost all type of IT positions including project/program managers, change managers, architects, business analysis, developers, testers, database administrations, technical writers and so on. During this process, I have gained a great deal of understanding and knowledge of all related IT technologies and platforms in enterprise application, IT operation, business intelligence, data warehousing and system integration etc.

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With specific regard to MS Project, I am able to use this software to create projects, manage project resources and plan a project budget. I am familiar with its functions and capabilities in assisting project managers with project scheduling, resource allocating and tracking as well as budgeting. I believe I will be able to pick up the rest of the MS Project system easily as I am a demonstrated quick learner when it comes to IT. During my time at Nat Technology, I started off with no prior experience in the McIntosh system. It took me one month to become a fully certified McIntosh Service Technician; I became the quickest certified technical in Nat Technology history. In my current role, with no previous experience in recruitment, it took me three months to become a fully functional recruitment consultant as well as the company's best performer since. As an IT Leader with 9+ years of practical experience in an IT environment, I am certain that I have the technical knowledge and abilities that are required to succeed in the role of IT Project Manager.

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