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Technical Capabilities Example Selection Criteria

Updated: Nov 11, 2022

Experience in a technical environment (Administration Officer Application)

My role at LP demonstrates my experience in a technical environment. Along with the MS Office Suite, I used ‘Harmony’ account software, the company ‘intranet’ program and the internet to complete my role. I’m also PBX communication system competent and have experience with EDI. Other technology expertise includes printers, faxes, scanners, switchboards and various computers and programs. I pick up new programs quickly. For example, I taught myself ‘Harmony’ which was our accounting program for debtors, creditors, mapping and stock control within a few days of starting my position through accessing it’s help function and watching others perform their roles. As the Administration Manager, I acted as ‘first point of contact’ for any technical issues. When faced with an issue I gathered as much information about the issue as possible, prior to coming up with potential solutions. For example, if a problem was identified with the printer, I would check for paper jams, check the screen for troubleshooting tips, make sure the cartridge was installed properly and gather information from the person who identified the problem as to the specifics. If I was unable to resolve the issue, I would contact technical support who provided troubleshooting via the phone, prior to contacting a technician to come on site potentially saving the company money in call out fees.

Evidence of computer literacy working in an operational environment (Administration Application)

I have a high degree of technical computer knowledge, demonstrated by a Master of Information Systems degree obtained through SEQ University. I have an excellent understanding of the MS Office Suite and can use Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook. Further, I have an excellent understanding of the internal computer system currently used by Big Boy Services and use ‘Objective’ on a daily basis to record and track mailing packages. I have an excellent understanding of the technological office equipment also used as part of the role, such as scanners, printers and fax machines and can troubleshoot issues with both the computer systems and this office equipment with minimal assistance. I also understand where I can find help to resolve technical difficulties and can follow instructions to make minor repairs and alternations to systems as necessary.

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