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Attention to Detail Criteria Examples

Updated: Nov 11, 2022


Ability to ensure data integrity through demonstrated attention to detail and quality data input (Finance Officer Application)

I am able to ensure the integrity of all data through attention to detail and quality input. As the only administrative worker at LINTS, I administer all aspects of payroll, including administering the superfunds of staff members. This role requires that the database be regularly updated and remain current at all times. I am very conscious about the consequential impacts in the event of any inaccuracy incurred. Therefore, I always compare raw data with written evidence before entering the information into the system. Dealing with account payables and receivables at LINTS requires me to enter numerous figures into the system and I can confidently say that I have never made any mistake as to the accuracy of this. The following is a summary of tasks that I perform routinely that require data entry:

  • Organise the Payroll and Superannuation in line with the law and contracts and provide group certificates each year.

  • Collect and record Account Receivables and issue statements.

  • Arrange payments for Account Payables, reconcile statements and liaise with suppliers.

  • Calculate, file and arrange the payment of Excise Duties, GST and other taxes, and BAS reporting.

  • Bank/Credit Reconciliation.

  • Balance Sheet transactions and reconciliation, such as Depreciation.

  • Assisting external accountant with financial reports preparation.

When it comes to attention to detail, I have the ability to pick up on errors prior to finalisation through comprehensively checking the document. I understand the value of accurate data entry and I follow all company policy and procedures.

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