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  • Kathryn Bailey

Is It Important To Get Your Resume Professionally Written?

For most people, yes. It does pay to have your resume professionally written. There are several reasons people choose to get their resume done and all points are equally valid. Here are the most common reasons people hire me to write their resume for them.

They lack the computer or English skills to write it themselves.

Most common with blue collar workers from trade or service-based backgrounds who haven’t had to write professionally in their career. The whole typing and formatting of a resume is enough to give them a migraine so it’s much more time and cost efficient to provide me with the basic details of their working background and let me do the rest. Especially since I can usually have it ready within 48 hours and with just one phone call.  

For example, Tucker was a 31-year-old Machinery Operator who had only ever used a computer to send emails. With no typing experience and no former resume, it was much easier for him to come to me, have a phone consult to get the information he needed, and then have his new resume delivered to his email and ready to go two days later. This was the first time he needed a resume and as a result he was able to quickly transition into a new job when his current contract ended.

They want to go for a better paying job or move up a level at work and need to highlight their resume to stand out as a candidate.

The second most common reason people hire me to write their professional resume for them is so that I can use my 10+ years expertise in the resume writing to rapidly gain an understanding of their key skills and highlight their career experience in such as way, that they get the promotion or new job they are after. Most of these clients fall into the 30-50 age bracket and are working in skilled trades, office administration, sales, or general management roles.

Andrew was a 49-year-old Local Laws Officer who had the typing and computer skills to write his own resume but wanted to apply for a more senior role within state government. He was unsure if his current resume highlighted what he could offer for a more senior position, so he came to me for assistance. I was able to highlight his achievements in a way that attracted the employer’s attention, and he was able to successfully move up to a more senior role at a State Level in investigations.  

They just don’t have the time to write it themselves and want to outsource the work to someone else.

Many of my clients are perfectly capable of putting their own resume together but are time poor and would much rather pay $139 for me to do it for them. These clients are usually in management, teaching, nursing, or administration roles.

Sarah was a 28-year-old Employment Consultant who knew how to write her own resume but was overwhelmed with her current work deadlines, university commitments and small children. She paid me to do the work for her so she could apply for a recruitment role which was closing in two days’ time. I was able to get her work out before deadline with zero stress to her and she was successful in transitioning into a new role.

They are just graduating from school or university and are overwhelmed by the resume advice on the internet and need someone to show them how to make their resume stand out in 2021.

I work with graduates all over the country with this problem and I absolutely love helping them get their first major role after university.

Zach was a counselling graduate who needed to obtain a professional placement as part of his studies. He felt overwhelmed by the sheer volume of resume writing information on the internet and contacted me instead. I was able to write a new resume for him, which secured him the position he wanted after an email consultant and a quick phone call.

In summary, getting your resume professionally done ensures that you have the best resume you can offer the employer, one which highlights your key skills and ensures it gets the employers attention. At $139, and ready in 48 hours, it’s the most cost effective and time efficient way of getting you the job you want.

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