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March Newsletter

Wow, I can’t believe we are already in March! This year has flown by.  I’ll be here for most of the Easter Break. I may take one Friday off over the school holidays to spend some quality time with the kids, but aside from that, I will be in the office for most of the break.

I still have some spaces available between now and Easter, so now is a great time to get your resume reviewed for 2024 or to book a consultation to update it with your latest information.

Phone me on 0439 160 982 or email me at

What I’m Reading: Billy Summers by Stephen King. I haven’t finished it yet, so I can’t really give you a review, but it’s basically a story about a (goodish) hitman doing one last job that is bound to go pear-shaped. I have high hopes for it. Stephen King usually writes great books.

What I’m Listening To: Ball and Chain by Xavier Rudd. I love Xavier Rudd and might even sneak off to see him play live over the Easter Holidays. This is his best song yet.

What I’m Watching: Shameless. I’m still working my way through the US version of this show. Sometimes, I laugh so hard that I cry. So many of the actors on it do an amazing job. It is full of talent.

Photo of the Month:

The new office space. And me with Abby, the work experience student. I recently moved into the WOTSO building, and I adore the space. It’s AMAZING!

Resume Tip of The Month:

Do include that volunteer work. It shows that you go above and beyond, work well with others and give back to the community—all things employers LOVE to see.


That’s it from me for this month, but if you know anyone who needs a new resume, cover letter or selection criteria, absolutely send them over. I still have some spaces available for resume updates as well.

Till next month








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