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Outplacement Support for Employers Making Staff Redundant in Rockhampton

In super exciting news, I would like to announce that I'm now providing outplacement support services to Rockhampton.

Last year I travelled up to Central Queensland University in Rockhampton to deliver outplacement services to help some of their staff transition into new roles. This included support with their Resumes, Cover Letters and Selection Criteria.

The great news is, I like Rockhampton so much, that it's now on my permanent outplacement support list.

Here's a list of why you should consider outplacement support if you are making one (or more) of your staff redundant:

Positive Branding: By providing outplacement and redundancy support to your staff, you are showing the remaining employees that you actually care about both their future and wellbeing. Employees who know that their employer cares are more likely to do their job well.

Improved Morale: It's hard to let staff go and even harder to make a whole department or team redundant. One of the ways to make the rest of your workforce feel more secure is to show that you actually do care and that in the event where you do have to terminate employment - you still take care to ensure your staff can easily transition into a new role.

Relationships: As an employer, you never know when an ex-staff member may have a connection you need in future. You may also be in a position in the future to offer them a new role in your company. For this reason, it's vital that you keep your redundant staff on good terms. Showing them, you care about their future through Rockhampton Outplacement Support is a step in the right direction.

Smooth The Transition Process: Getting made redundant is tough at the best of times but it's worse if you have been employed with the same company forever and have no idea how to prepare your resume or cover letter - let alone selection criteria. That's how I can help. As an experienced outplacement consultant, I can provide your redundant staff with everything they need to easily transition into a new role.

Want To Know More About My Rockhampton Outplacement and Redundancy Support?

I offer a large variety of packages depending on how many staff you are making redundant. I can help you with your redundancy needs from 1-1000 staff, depending on your requirements. Want information on prices? You can get my current prices here:

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