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In Australia, a Professional CV Resume Writer can be found online. A CV Writer is the same as a Resume Writer under Australia Standards. It’s only the terminology that is different. Curriculum Vitae is simply the French wording for a Resume.

You can view my current Professional CV Resume Packages by clicking here: 

Where can I buy CV writing packages? 

Most resume writers also offer CV packages. A CV is the same as a Resume for Australian purposes however most CV Writers also offer CV Writing Packages which may include both the CV and a matching cover letter. Some CV Writers also offer selection criteria writing services. As of December 2021, my current packages include a CV only for $259 a CV and matching Cover Letter for $299 or a CV, Cover Letter and Selection Criteria package starting at $359.

You can find a pro CV writing service at any resume service as a CV stands for Curriculum Vitae which is a French word for resume. In Australia, most people call them resumes, but occasionally people refer to a CV. Please be aware that both terms are used in Australia and mean the same thing. Both CV Writing Companies and Resume Writing Companies are the same thing, and you will obtain the same great result.

Where can I find a list of professional CV writing companies? 

You can view my current CV packages here. Alternatively, I recommend Donna Miller at Donna Miller Resumes or John Back. I’ve referred many clients to these CV Writing Companies when on holidays and my clients have always been happy with the results.

I hope that clears up the difference between a professional CV Writing Company and a Resume Writing Company. I’d love to help you get your new CV (Curriculum Vitae). Simply give me a call on 0439 160 982 or send me an email at I look forward to working with you to get your new CV ready.

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