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Where Can I Find an Entry Level Resume Service?

I offer experience in working as entry level resume writers. One of my first jobs was a Resume Consultant for entry level youth as part of the JPET program where I wrote entry level resumes for young people aged 15-21 so they could obtain the job of their dreams. After this I spend two years working with MAX and ITEC where I wrote resumes for some of the most disadvantaged adults in Australia. This included clients with a limited work history, new graduates, school leavers, people who had been incarcerated, people who had a disability and people who had limited education. I am confident I am the entry level resume writer you are looking for.

Where can I find sales resume writing services?

I also offer extensive experience as a sales resume writing service. I love writing sales resumes because it’s easy to highlight your sales achievements with my sales resume questionnaire which makes it easy for me to sell your resume to prospective employers. View my current resume packages to find out more about my sales resume writing services.

Where can I find military resume writing services?

I also offer a military resume writing service. I’ve worked with many people leaving the Australian Defence Force who want to transition into non-military roles. I love writing military resumes as the military has the best training transcripts available which makes it super easy for me to highlight all your achievements. You can check out the prices for my military writing services here.

What other sort of resumes do you write?

I’ve written resumes for most industries. Examples of previous resumes I have written include resumes for Nurses, Teachers, Fire Fighters, Rangers, Sales Assistants, Retail Workers, Hospitality Workers, Mechanics, Electricians, Welders, Labourers, Factory Workers, Cleaners, Administration Staff, Postal Workers, Chefs, Chemists, Pharmacy Workers, Managers, Events Staff, Laboratory Technicians, IT Professionals, Accountants and more. Happy customers are important to me, so if I don’t think I am the best fit for your resume, I will refer you to someone who I believe is a better match. For more information on current resume packages, click here

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