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  • Kathryn Bailey

Interview Do List

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

Most of the interview do list is common sense but I’ve included everything so you have no excuse.

  1. Reread the job advertisement and familiarise yourself on why you want the job

  2. Review your resume.

  3. Review your responses on the ‘resume achievement’ questionnaire so you can use these during the interview

  4. Make sure you actually review the company website and have a solid understanding of who they are and what they stand for. I once had a client obtain a position she was completely under qualified for because out of the five people they interviewed she was the only one that could tell them what the company initials stood for (which she obtained from their website). The other candidates had better qualifications and experience but the boss was pissed they hadn’t bothered to check.

  5. Revise the list of popular interview questions and make sure you have the answers for them.

  1. Do a mock interview and request feedback so you can improve your performance.

  2. Have an understanding of trends that may affect company operations. Newspapers, directories, annual reports, industry publications, Internet Web sites, job fairs, and company ads are possible sources of information.

  3. If you know somebody that already works there, organise a catch up with them before the interview and find out what’s important to the company

  4. Make sure you have a list of references and their contact details that you can supply at interview if the employer asks

  5. Do a practice run so you know exactly how much time it takes to get from your house to the interview location and make sure you leave 10 minutes early to avoid any traffic or breakdown issues

  1. Dress appropriately.  When in doubt check out what their employees wear and go one step above.  So if the employees dress casual, you dress smart casual. If the employees dress semi-formal, you dress formal.

  2. Women should avoid wearing too much makeup and watch the length of their skirt

  3. Do ask questions but make sure the questions you ask are the right ones. Asking questions shows your interest but you should avoid asking about payment unless it’s brought up. Instead focus on questions that show interest such as asking about the size of the team and opportunities for professional development.

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