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  • Kathryn Bailey

A Quick Resume 'Do' List

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

Get the job with this comprehensive list suitable for the Australian resume market and written by an Australian Resume Writer.

  1. Target your resume to what the employer wants/needs not what you want. Think of your resume as your sales page. It shouldn’t be about what you want. Ditch the career objective and focus instead on a career statement highlighting your experience so the employer wants to hire you

  1. Do use examples to illustrate your achievements where possible. For example instead of writing ‘responsible for driving $150,000 worth of new sales into the business’ show how you did it by writing ‘responsible for  driving $150,000 worth of sales into the business through the implementation of a Facebook marketing campaign directed at our target demographic’.

  1. Make sure you use facts and figures wherever possible. Instead of writing ‘saved the company lots of money’ get specific and write ‘saved the company $550,000 in six months through implementing a new three quote rule for procurement’.

  1. If you run out of space on your resume ditch the hobbies and interests rather than shorten your employment history. As a general rule unless your hobbies are also achievements they don’t need to be on there.

  1. Make sure you use a nice format to get attention. It doesn’t need to be anything special, just neat and presentable. When in doubt remember that content is king and the information you include in your resume is worth more than the design

  1. Leave plenty of white space on your resume so it’s easy for the employer to read

  1. Do include any volunteer work or work within the community you have done.

  1. Do double check your resume for errors or typos.

  1. Do send your resume in PDF format whenever possible. If you send a Word version and the employer looks at it on their phone, it can screw with the formatting.

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