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  • Kathryn Bailey

Twenty Questions You Should Answer Right Now So You Can Add Achievements To Your Resume

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

  1. Have you ever resolved a problem or issue at work? What was it? What was the result?

  1. Have you ever trained other staff members either formally or informally? How many? What was the response?

  2. What special projects have you been involved in? What was your contribution?

  3. Have you ever implemented a new system or idea that was well received by staff or management?

  4. Have you ever presented in public? In front of how many people?

  5. Do you manage people in your current position? What is your leadership style? How many people do you manage?

  1. Have you ever resolved a dispute that led to positive outcomes?

  2. Are you a member of any committees or volunteer groups such as the OH&S committee or the social club committee?

  3. Do you chair meetings or act as treasurer during meetings in your current role?

  4. Have you brought in new clients or been part of an advertising or marketing campaign?

  5. Do you work with cash? How much cash do you handle on a daily basis?

  6. Are you responsible for the business newsletter or any extra duties not listed as part of your job description

  1. Have you written any procedures, policies or manuals for your position?

  2. Do you have sales targets you need to meet? What are they and by how much do you exceed these?

  3. Do you have customer service feedback forms? What has your result been?

  4. Have you completed any professional development or training not already listed on your resume?

  5. Do you have other key performance targets you need to meet? What are they? At what percentage rate do you achieve them?

  6. Have you ever been featured in the staff newsletter, professional publications or received other positive media attention

  7. Have you ever had an article published?

  8. Do you have any tickets or licenses not listed already on your resume?

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