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How to give your friends and family a raise in 2023

Hey there! I have to tell you about the best/worst Christmas present I ever received. I was 9 years old and it was the biggest Christmas present I'd ever seen. All wrapped up and under our tree with my name on it. I was super excited to open it! Imagine my crushing disappointment when I ripped the wrapping off and discovered it was a..................... swag. Nine year old me had zero interest in a swag and I was absolutely devastated. I wanted dolls or toys or something! Anything but a swag! Cut to now. I just turned 40 and guess what I used last month for the 1000th time ever? My swag. That same swag has been everywhere from Darwin to Halls Creek, Mount Isa to Cairns and Melbourne to Burke plus every town on the way. It's the best present I ever received and the only present I still use. I have to give credit to my father for his foresight. There is something to be said for practical gift giving! This leads me to my next point. How to give your friends and family a raise this year? Order a professional resume for them this Christmas. It's the perfect gift. Sure, it's a little on the practical side but it's one of those gifts that keeps on giving. Just like my swag opened up the whole of Australia for my exploration, a professional resume will unlock job opportunities, career changes, pay rises and a interviews galore for your loved ones. The Best Part? You don't even have to do anything because I now sell Gift Cards. All you need to do is purchase the digital gift card on the link below and they can book their new resume at their leisure. You can choose from any amount you like. A resume is $157 or you may just want to purchase a gift card for $49 so they can spend it on a DIY Selection Criteria Kit or $299 so they can get a new criteria, new cover letter and a new resume. Have a school leaver or university graduate in the family this year? Help them hit the ground running in 2023 with a professional resume. A new professional resume is the one gift that gives multiple times and can actually increase their income and opportunities for 2023. Click here to gift your family and friends a new professional resume in 2023.

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