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  • Kathryn Bailey

Quick Tips To Improve Your Resume

Updated: Oct 31, 2022

  1. Add a 'Professional Profile' section at the top of your resume. This is a quick summary of your experience and what you can bring to the table. You want the employer to be able to see exactly who you are and what you offer in one concise paragraph.

  2. Add a 'Career Summary' section which details the basics of your employment history - just dates, employer name and job title at this stage. We want this on the first page so the employer doesn't have to wade through pages of content to get a feel for your experience.

  1. If you add interests - make sure they are interesting. I've written a whole post about this before but it's super important that you don't just write - gardening. Turn that into something interesting so it becomes 'member of the floral society for 3 years and winner of Grand Champion Rose at the Toowoomba Show for (5) years'. Everyone write Gardening - do something different!

  2. Scrap your McDonalds job from when you were 15 (unless you are still a teenager). Remember that the trend is for a resume to get shorter - not longer. Don't waste the space with irrelevant jobs that you haven't done for 20 odd years. Stick to the past 4-5 unless they are super relevant to the job you are going for.

  1. Avoid Personal Details - your name and contact details are fine. Skip your relationship status and date of birth. Both open you up for discrimination based on the employers personal prejudices.  Don't give them any ammunition to throw your resume in the bin. For more tips, be sure to check out the video above and download a copy of a sample resume so you can see what it should look like below.

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