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Are you considering getting your resume professionally written? Here are the number one questions I get asked by my clients all the time.

How much does it cost to get someone to write your resume?

A good resume can range from anywhere between $99 and $800 as a rule in Australia. Many of the resume services offer tier pricing so they may charge $99 for a school leaver with no experience and up to $800 for a CEO. Other services offer a flat rate but only service certain industries.

How Much Should a Professional Resume Writing Service Cost?

A professional resume service should cost you between $99 and $800 depending on your experience and the experience of the resume writer. The average is around $200-$300 for a resume in Australia. Resume writers who specialise in a certain field and resume writers who work with people at a senior management level generally charge more - up to around $800.

Is it a good idea to hire a resume writer?

It is a good idea to hire a resume writer to write your resume for you. You will get more interviews with a professional resume. A professional resume is an investment. If you pay $200 for a resume and it gets you an interview with a company that pays you an extra $20,000 a year that you wouldn’t have got with your own resume – that’s a return of $19,800.

Is a professionally written resume worth it?

A professional resume is worth it. A professional resume will get you more interviews which means you will receive offers for jobs that pay higher, have better conditions and better promotional opportunities. A professional resume can help you transition into a new career, get a government job or get a promotion.

How do I find someone to write my resume?

A quick Google search will show up several options for your area. You need to consider how long they have been in business for, make sure they have customer reviews and check that they offer phone support, so you know you are working with someone in Australia and that the work isn’t being outsourced to other countries.

How much do LinkedIn resume writers’ cost?

Many resume writers also offer LinkedIn services as well. These usually range from between $200-$400. If they don’t offer LinkedIn, they can usually refer you to someone who can.

How long does it take to write a resume?

How long it takes to write a resume depends on your experience, but a professional resume writer can usually have a draft ready in 2-3 business days. If you have a reasonable typing speed and computer literacy you could write your own in a few hours.

What should a professional resume look like?

A professional resume should be between 2-3 pages and use a font size of between 10-12 depending on each individual. It should not include clip art or photos and have a sleek, modern design that is keyword rich and content focused. You should always focus on the content of the resume over the design. A general rule is to spend 80% of your time writing the resume and 20% of your time making it look pretty.

What does a good resume look like in 2023?

A good resume for 2023 will be focused on professional style and colouring so think grey, navy, blue or corporate orange highlights. The page should always be white to make the text easy to read. It should include a professional profile and career summary, as well as any career or professional achievements.

What is a professional resume?

A professional resume is a resume which is written by an experience resume writer. A professional resume usually has a sleek and modern format and is keyword rich and achievement heavy. People choose a professional resume because it results in more interviews and is an investment in your career.

Do resume writers help?

Yes. A resume writer will get you more interviews and can also save you the time and stress of putting your resume together. They can usually also help with your LinkedIn, cover letters, government applications and selection criteria as well.

Can I pay someone to update my resume?

Yes, you can pay someone to update your resume. A quick search of the yellow pages or on Google will bring up many results. Try searching keywords including Resume Writer, Professional Resume or Resume Service to see your options.

Do Australians say CV or resume?

Most Australians say resume instead of CV but they mean the same thing.

What is the best CV format 2023?

The best CV format for 2023 is a simple but sleek design with some corporate colours as highlights on a white background. You should have both a Word and PDF copy of your resume and it should include information under the following headings: Professional Profile, Selected Achievements, Key Capabilities, Qualifications, Professional Development, Career Summary, Professional Experience. You can either list your references or have them as available on request.

What do they call a resume in Australia?

Most Australians refer to a resume as a resume however some people will also refer to a resume as a CV. In Australia, the terms are used interchangeably and mean the same thing.

How do I write a CV for Australia?

Your CV should be around two pages, on a white background and in a font size of 10-12. The font should be easy to read such as Ariel or Calibri. Corporate colour highlights add a nice touch to the design of the CV. These colours include Grey, Blue and Navy. Your CV should include a professional profile, career summary, list of qualifications, tickets, and licences and some of your key achievements over the course of your career. If you don’t feel confident to write your own CV you can pay a professional to write it for you.

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