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Government Selection Criteria Examples

Read on for a government selection criteria example. You can apply this to local, state and federal selection criteria or government applications.

Tertiary qualifications in a relevant discipline or demonstrated equivalent competencies gained through extensive experience.

I confirm that I offer the required qualifications. I completed a Bachelor of Community Services, majoring in Community Engagement through Griffith University in 2018, as well as various TAFE certificates including a Certificate IV in Youth Engagement and a Certificate II in Community Sustainability. A summary of my recent professional experience includes the following roles:

  • Community Development Officer for Balonne Shire Council

  • Community Engagement Officer for Burke Shire Council

  • Community Services Trainee for NDIS Outreach Toowoon

I've also completed extensive professional development including workshops in Mental Health First Aid, Stakeholder Engagement, Legal Obligations for Shire Employees, Youth Services Training and Community Consultation.

Demonstrated experience in project management and delivery to achieve specific social, economic, or environmental outcomes, ideally within a local government context.

As the Community Development Officer for Balonne Shire Council, I am in charge of all community projects which directly affect our residents and improve their social, economic and environmental outcomes. A summary of these projects include:

  • Community Youth Employment and Training Program (Valued at $3m)

  • Recycle Balonne Project (Valued at $600,000)

  • Small Business Enterprise Scheme (Valued at $1.2m)

  • Community Re-Entry Program (Valued at 1.3m)

As the Project Manager for the Community Youth Employment and Training program, I managed a budget of $3m to deliver outcomes to young people residing in the shire regarding their training and employment outcomes. The program targeted young people aged between 15 and 21 who had significant barriers to employment including homelessness, addiction issues, mental health issues or limited education.

As part of this program, I recruited a team of (3) Case Workers and a Team Leader to provide tailored and individual support to these clients to assist them to overcome barriers and engage in relevant training or education opportunities which would increase their employability. Over the course of three years, this program was delivered to (1156) Balonne Shire youth, with 89% of participants going on to obtain employment in the local area. This is compared to a national average of 61% across similar projects run in other regions.

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