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Divine Money Timing

Divine Money Timing

Ok, in this woo-woo activity we are going to look at the best times to perform rituals relating to money. Even if you don’t perform money rituals, keep note of this information as it will help decide the best time to raise your prices or ask for a pay rise.

New Moon: this is a time for prosperity, increasing wealth, abundance and new beginnings so it’s perfect for raising prices or starting a new job

Full Moon: this is the time for clarity, dramatic changes and celebrations. The power of the full moon can be tricky to navigate so avoid making any sudden or risky moves.

Waning Moon: the best time to declutter your house and sell stuff you don’t want online. It’s also a good time to close down old accounts and focus on cutting expenses.

Days: The best days for anything money related are Thursday and Sunday so schedule money changes to occur on these days if possible.

Times: The best time of the day to make any financial moves is Dawn.

Spring: This is the best season to start new projects and money making ideas.

Summer: This is the best season to increase prices, ask for pay rises etc

Autumn: This is the best season to declutter and purge yourself of items you no longer need

Winter: Is the best time to reflect on past financial success or failures and to focus on what you want to achieve in the future.

Your challenge this week is to take this information and add it to your calendar and to look at ways you can use ‘divine timing’ for future reference.

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