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  • Kathryn Bailey

Customer Service Selection Criteria Examples

Updated: Nov 11, 2022

Ability to understand and meet the needs of clients and stakeholders to ensure that the right information is provided to the right people (Finance Officer Application)

My ability to understand and meet the needs of clients and stakeholders is demonstrated through my current employment as the Lead Accountant at Miller Services. To ensure the right information is provided to the right people, I respond to all client requests promptly, avoid making assumptions about they need and instead ask questions to clarify their request. I take the initiative to develop policies that assist our clients and I maintain a helpful attitude, demonstrating professionalism at all times. I hold a Master of Accounting and Finance Management degree from Curtin University, a Bachelor of Commerce Degree and a Certificate III in Business Management which ensures that I have the answers to the majority of client or stakeholder questions. If I don’t know the answer to a particular question, I am able to source the information from the correct location. I’ve also completed additional training in GST and Insurance Accounting, which expands further on this knowledge.

An understanding of customer service requirements in the position and a demonstrated record of strong commitment and achievement in meeting customer needs. (Customer Service Application)

Prior to my employment with Miller Services, I worked as both an Energy Consultant and Sales Representative which included reviewing and processing calculations for customers, verifying account details with customers, preparing customer welcome information and selling LGH products to residential customers. During this role, I had a number of Key Performance Indicators, specific towards my ability to provide excellent customer service which was always exceeded. This demonstrates my commitment to both customers and ensuring that customer delivery standards are met and maintained. I believe that customer service should not be seen as just an extension of my job but as a fundamental part of an organisation’s success. I believe that a smile and a friendly and personable approach is one of the critical ingredients to success with customer service. I also strive for mutual satisfaction when it comes to resolving a customer complaint and have a solid set of negotiation and conflict resolution skills. For example, by seeking to first understand where a client is coming from, before trying to be understood, the situation does not escalate into an argument and a swift resolution can be found.

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