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I've answered your most common questions regarding outplacement and redundancy support for your staff below. Learn about current specials here. 

Individual Support Packages $499 

Making one of your staff redundant?  This is your most cost-effective outplacement option to ensure they easily and successfully transition into new employment with minimum stress. 

What does the outplacement price include?

  1. Phone Consultation

  2. One Professional Resume

  3. One Professional Cover Letter

  4. Online Job Search Training Course

  5. Career Accelerator Workbooks and e-Books

  6. Selection Criteria Online Writing Course and Templates

Available Australia Wide

Individual Support Packages - In Person $649 

Have a staff member who needs a little bit of additional outplacement support with a Face-to-Face Consultation? This is the package for you.

What does the price include?

  1. Face to Face Consultation

  2. One Professional Resume

  3. One Professional Cover Letter

  4. Online Job Search Training Course

  5. Career Accelerator Workbooks

  6. Get the Job You Love e-Book

  7. Selection Criteria Online Writing Course and Templates

Face to face individual support packages are only available in Toowoomba.

Outplacement Support Packages

Outplacement FAQ: 

What does the Online Job Search Training Course Include? 

The online job search training course is an online program which includes everything your employee needs to know to easily transition into a new job. The program includes training videos and tips for job interview success, the best way to find and apply for positions and how to identify the right career based on their strengths and interests. It includes multiple challenges for participants to participate in at their own pace.

What are the Career Accelerator Workbooks and e-Books? 

The career accelerator package includes:

PDF Guide: 80 Things You Can Do Today to Find the Job of Your Dreams Guide 

When people want to find their dream job they jump online, search for the job they want and submit their resume for the position along with everyone else who is doing the same thing. This can work, but here are 84 ideas your employee should also use when they start the job search process.

Get The Job You Love Workbook 

I’ve taken everything I’ve learnt over the past 12+ years and put it in a workbook to help your staff member discover their dream job and set an action plan to get results. They can either print this workbook out or type in the boxes provided.

Outplacement Career Achievements Questionnaire 

My guess is your staff member may have a hard time working out their achievements. You have probably heard that achievement-based resumes are IN now (True), but your staff member may not know how to craft their achievements, so they shine on their resume. This questionnaire will help your staff to identify what their achievements are.

Selection Criteria Online Writing Course and Templates 

This is a ‘Done for You, Do It Yourself’ Selection Criteria Solution for your staff. It's a super simple three step process to create a winning criteria or government statement/cover letter application. This package includes a ‘Selection Criteria Questions’ list which will pinpoint their achievements for a selection criterion that sells plus 27 Pages of ‘Done For You’ copy and paste templates to fill in the blanks using the examples gathered using the questions list and over 80+ Examples of Winning Criteria to get ideas from.

Do you have samples of previous resumes you have written that I can look at? 

Absolutely, just give me a call on 0439 160 982 or send an email to and I’ll send samples out.

Can I claim your Outplacement Individual Support Packages as a business expense? 


How is payment made? 

Payment options include PayPal, Credit Card, or Direct Debit. Please note that payment needs to be made prior to the work commencing.

What is the outplacement order process? 

Simply give Nicole a call on 0439 160 982 or email her at An invoice will then be sent, and once payment is made, Nicole will contact your staff member to book them in for either a phone or face to face consultation (depending on the package purchased). Following this they will be provided with a professional resume and cover letter written by Nicole herself (revisions permitted) and log in details to access their training and career accelerator packages.

Do you have discounts available if I book the outplacement package for additional staff? 

Absolutely, a discount is available if you purchase for 3 or more staff.

I have a lot of staff. Do you have any cheaper Outplacement DIY packages available? 

The group packages may be your most affordable option (see below). Alternatively, I offer just the digital component of the package for $199. This includes the online job search training course, career accelerator workbook, get the job you love e-book and selection criteria templates and training courses. It also includes 3 resume templates which your clients can fill in. Please note that the online package only does not include a consultation, or resume and cover letter written by myself.

Learn more about outplacement support and staff redundancy packages here

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