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Outplacement Support Darwin

Gift your staff the support they need to navigate redundancy and launch into new employment. Making a team member redundant? This can be a scary time for them but with a new resume, cover letter and access to a digital library of outplacement programs to help them navigate redundancy, we can help. Our most cost effective package for your Darwin staff member is listed below. You can find access to all our packages, including packages tailored at groups here. 

"Dear Nicole,I just thought I’d send you an email to let you know I have received a job interview from my new resume you created!What is even more incredible is that I applied for this exact same position 6 months ago with my old resume and I was rejected. In this 6 month period, I have not added anything new to my resume, all that has changed is you rewriting it.It just goes to show how important a well-written resume is.Thank you so much!Kind Regards,Harriet

The Darwin group outplacement packages may be your most affordable option (see below). Alternatively, I offer just the digital component of the package for $199. This includes the online job search training course, career accelerator workbook, get the job you love e-book and selection criteria templates and training courses. It also includes 3 resume templates which your clients can fill in. Please note that the online package only does not include a consultation, or resume and cover letter written by myself.

Darwin Individual Support Outplacement Packages $499 

Making one of your staff redundant? This is your most cost effective option to ensure they easily and successfully transition into new employment with minimum stress.

  1. Outplacement Phone Consultation

  2. One Professional Resume

  3. One Professional Cover Letter

  4. Outplacement Online Job Search Training Course

  5. Outplacement Career Accelerator Workbooks and e-Books

  6. Selection Criteria Online Writing Course and Templates 

Darwin group outplacement support packages are also available.

For more information, click here 

Outplacement and Redundancy Support Darwin

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