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December Newsletter

Hello and welcome to December! Whoa, time really flew this year, huh? I’m working through the Christmas break except for the public holidays. I will be taking a week’s leave in January towards the end of the school holidays though so now is the ideal time to book in for an updated resume or selection criteria.

In other news:

What I’m Reading: Boundaries: Where You End and I Begin by Anne Katherine M.A.  As we enter 2024, I feel called to brush up on my boundaries. It's SO important in EVERY part of your life and something that I often struggle with so I could use a refresher.


What I’m Listening To: Red Flags by Mimi Webb. It’s catchy. It’s cute and I’m digging it.


What I’m Watching: I haven’t watched a lot of TV lately. I think the last thing I watched was a documentary by Louis Theroux about the Ice epidemic. I LOVE Louis. He really shows a lot of compassion for his interview subjects while still asking the hard questions in any documentary he makes.

What I’m Working On: I’m doing ‘No Spend December’ which is basically when you only spend on necessities for the month and see how much money you saved when compared to the same time last year. I’ll keep you posted on how it goes and write a full recap next month for you. Let’s just say I’m getting LOTS of exercise since I can’t pay for parking with it!

January Plans: Probably the most exciting thing for next year is my January goal. I did Leonie Dawson’s ‘The Academy’ a few years ago and it really helped me to grow my business, so I’ve signed up again for 2024. At only $199 for the year, it’s a real steal and gives you access to anything you will ever need to build and maintain a small business. I HIGHLY recommend so if you have ever thought about starting a side gig, internet business or small business, you should def check her out. You can do that here:

Photo of the Month: And finally! The photo of the month has to be my university graduation! Finally done and dusted after spending the last 4 years juggling full-time work and part-time university. Oh, the relief!!!


See you next month


PS: AND if you are into workbooks and 2024 planners – you need to check out these beauties over here:

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