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How To Do A Money Ritual

Holy Cow! You did it. You have nearly completed a whole years’ worth of money challenges. There is only one challenge to go. Are you ready for this?

It’s time for a money ritual.

I’ve written a bunch of rituals below for you to choose from. Your final challenge is to choose the one that calls to you and put it into action.

Just remember that with any ritual it’s super important to make sure you say or write something that says “for the good of all and according to the free will of all” just to make sure you don’t manifest something as the misfortune of someone else.

To Find a New Job

You will need: a green candle, nutmeg, rock, paper

Ritual: Write a description of your perfect job on the paper, be very specific. Light the green candle and read the job description out to it. Once the candle burns down to the end, take the paper, sprinkle it with nutmeg and wrap it around the rock. Keep it in a safe place until you get the job you want and then let it loose in the backyard.

Money Goal Setting:

You will need: Paper, fireproof dish, allspice, frankincense oil and patchouli oil.

Ritual: Write your goals down on the paper being very specific. Sprinkle allspice over the page and anoint it with Allspice, Frankincense and Patchouli oil. Thank the universe for making your goals come true and burn the paper in the fireproof dish. Sprinkle the ashes across the garden.

General Money Ritual:

You will need: A full moon, a silver coin and a dish

Ritual: Fill the dish half full with water, drop the coin in it and position the dish so that the Moon shines on the water. Sweep hands over the dish and thank the universe for all the abundance you have received in the past and are going to receive in the future.

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