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A Quick Confidence Trick For Your Next Job Interview (For Women)

One of the best ways to win a job interview is confidence. The fact is the more confidence you exclude the better your chances of scoring the job.

But, many of my past clients had confidence issues. Why there are a whole bunch of tricks to help you increase your confidence one of the fastest ways is to look good and let’s face it – one of the fastest ways to look good is to update your hair cut, your wardrobe or your make up.

For me the number one way guaranteed to boost my confidence is a quick blow dry at the hairdressers. I also schedule a blow dry prior to any super important meetings or events, it makes me feel confident and I get better results.

Now, you don’t need you to totally revamp your wardrobe. I just want one interview outfit that really makes you think “wow, I look great”.

If you can’t afford to upgrade your wardrobe, I want you to put some time aside to go through what you already own and see if you can assemble something that still makes you feel great.

Try different combinations and accessories.

But seriously......try the blow-dry next time. You will be surprised how much more confident you feel with good hair.

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