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So You Need To Write A Cover Letter.....................

I’ve added an easy to use template to give you the general idea of what to write for a standard cover letter below. Please note that this is for your normal non-government roles ONLY.

Government cover letters are a different kettle of fish all together. Even if they don't call it selection criteria anymore - most government jobs are selection criteria in cover letter format.

You may notice I didn’t leave a gap for the employers address and contact details. This is because so many applications are submitted electronically these days, so we no longer need to add in the employers address details.

The reason I still add all your information is just to give the employer easier access should they want to call you. It saves them rifling through paperwork to find your resume and get the details from there. You should target your cover letter for the job you are going for, however if you plan on submitting a lot of applications it’s not always possible.

The jury is still out on if cover letters provide that much value. Some employers swear by them and others don’t even bother reading them. The thing is, you need to ALWAYS add one because even if they don’t read it, they will notice that you haven’t taken the time to write one.

Brief Fill In The Blank Template For A Cover Letter

Your Name Here

Your Town & Post Code Here

Your Phone Here

Your Email Here

(Note: no need to repeat yourself - if you are using a header or title template that already has your contact details you can skip the above step).

Reference: ____________________

To whom it may concern,

It is with great interest I write to present my credentials for the position of ______________as advertised. I understand that you are looking for _____________________________ with a passion for _______________to work as part of your team.

As a___________________with a ________________qualification and practical experience working in _________________, I am certain that I have the abilities required to be a success in this position.

My current role is that of ______________________for________________________. I_________________________________________ as part of my role. During this time I have achieved a number of outcomes which include__________________________and____________________________. I’m ________________________________________and_________________________.

My strong interest in___________________was developed by __________________________. I have also gained experience through_____________________________. Feedback from my past employers has been_____________________. Currently, I am seeking a position where I can continue to uphold strong performance and standards.

I would welcome the opportunity to discuss my application with you in person, and am confident that I have the experience & enthusiasm to make a significant contribution to the ongoing success and growth of ______________________.

I appreciate your consideration and look forward to hearing from you in the near future.

Yours sincerely

Your Name Here

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