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October Newsletter

October Newsletter - Nicole Coggan Resumes

Wow, I cannot believe that it is already October. Amazing!!!! There is not much news in Resume Land this month BUT I am going to Vietnam to celebrate my graduation from university. I will be on leave from the 27th of October till the 9th of November. I will not have access to my phone or email during this time, so this is the last few days to get your orders in.

What I’m Reading This Month: I’m actually re-reading my favourite book from primary school. It was called ‘The Forbidden Game’ and I must have read it a hundred times as a 12-year-old. Now my daughter is reading it so I thought I would read it again. Kinda Jumanji meets love triangle for young teens.

What I’m Watching: I haven’t had time to turn on the telly for ages. The last time I watched a screen was to see both Barbie and Oppenheimer at the cinema. I LOVED them both. Completely different movies but brilliant in their own way.

What I’m Listening To: Overpass Graffiti by Ed Sheeran

Photo of the Month: Beautiful Stradbroke Island. The kids and I snuck off to Straddie for a few days over the school holidays. It was my first time and I LOVED it.

What I’m Working On: Currently working on even more updates to the website. It’s a long and slow process but I’m getting there slowly.

Current Price List as of November the 1st:

Resume $259

Resume and Cover Letter $299

Selection Criteria: From $149 - $199

That’s it for this month. See you in November!

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