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November Newsletter - Nicole Coggan Resumes

Hi there!

First up, the super important stuff! I'm going to be on leave from the 16th of November until the 28th of November.

I'm taking my kids on a trip for an early Christmas present and expect to be completely offline during this time so we can spend some quality family time together. That means I won't have access to my emails or the work phone during this time.

So if you need anything done, right now is the time to book:)

That's pretty much the main things happening here in a nutshell. In other news.

What I'm Reading: Fairytale by Stephen King. So far, so good but you can never really go wrong with King, can you?

What I'm Listening To: The Bee Gees and 50 Cent mashup of Staying Alive. So addictive!

What I'm Watching: I just finished watching 'House of Dragon'. You know how much I love my Game of Thrones!

Work projects I'm working on: I am currently transitioning to a new website. The link and URL will be the same, but it's time for a long overdue upgrade. I'll send you more information on that once it goes live in the new year. It's a huge job so this transition will take place over a few months.

Personal projects I'm working on: I'm trying to go to the gym. I've never been much of a gym person but I'm giving it my best shot 2-3 times a week.

Photo of the month: I recently took a work trip back to Darwin for work to service my F2F Darwin clients and took some time out to see inside the Darwin WW2 Tunnels. I can't believe I lived in Darwin for so many years without checking them out! CREEPY.

Well that's it for me. If you know anyone that needs a resume or selection criteria or if you need any work done, remember that this is your last week to book in before I go on leave. Happy November and I'll catch you next month.

To your success


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