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Get More Interviews With A Professional Tamworth Resume

Tamworth Resume Writer
Winner of the Australian Enterprise Awards 'Best Independent Resume Writer of the Year' Award

What a professional resume allows you to do:

One of the best parts of having a professional resume is that you're in control. You can decide where you want to apply and which organisations to work for you. If your old resume hardly got you an interview, a professional resume will mean you are spoilt for choice!

Some of my clients just want a little side job for some extra spending money — and that's great. Other people want a whole new career. That's great, too!

A professional resume or selection criteria works for all industries.

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Tamworth Resume Writing

A professional resume allows you to grow your professional career at your own pace. If you want to switch can!


But if you want to slow down because you have other priorities in your life, you can do that, too.

A resume is an asset that can generate increased income for years to come.

With a professional resume, you can get the job of your dreams.

Tamworth Resume Service

The most common question I get is ‘How does it all work’?

It’s super simple. Simply give me a call on 0439 160 982 or send me an email at nic@nicolecogganresumes and we can get started.

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What Can A Professional Resume Do For You?

Sure, you could write it yourself. Theoretically, you could find all that information on Google so why haven't you?

I know why. Because it's overwhelming! Because you don't know where to start. Because you’re afraid of wasting your time.

You need to make a decision.

Where will you be one year from now?

It's time to invest in your future. You deserve to a career you want. Let me do the work to get it.

Don’t settle for less. Don’t minimise your dreams. And stop trying to do everything yourself.

Winners get help when they need it.

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Get More Interviews With

Tamworth Resume Service

Get advice from someone who can give you the professional support you need.

For real examples of winning clients – check out my testimonials here.

You don't have to do it alone.

I have worked in the industry 12+ years, written resumes for 50+ industries, and serviced thousands of paying customers.

A new resume will give you everything you need to get more interviews.

Do what you love. Follow your own passions — and get paid for it.

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Resume Support

Earn more: I’ve helped people grow their income through pay rises, promotions and more.

You don't have to spend years working out how to write the perfect resume. I can take all of the stress out of it.

You don’t have to go it alone.


You don't have write your own resume by trial and error, just hoping something will work.

I’ve refined my process into an effective resume that will get you results.

I can help you.

All it takes me is two business days to create you one of the most powerful, money making resumes out there.

How are my resumes different?

See what my past clients say here:

Not only have I helped thousands of people get a job that they love, but I’ve helped them earn promotions and increase their income.

The result is a comprehensive, practical and working resume.

You also get email and phone support from myself direct.


Is Your Career The Best Fit For You?

Looking to find your dream career but feeling lost and unsure where to start? Look no further than the Career Test!  This comprehensive test is designed to help you discover your strengths, interests, and personality traits, and match them with career paths that will bring you the most fulfillment and success. 

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