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Astrologers Content Packs

Astrologers Content Packs

Your 'Done For You' Astrology Templates


One Years’ Worth of ‘DONE FOR YOU’ Social Media and Email Marketing Content To Start or Expand Your Astrology Business.




Or 312 Hours Of Your Time


Recent research has shown that most Astrologers spend at least six hours a week managing social media. That’s 312 hours per year or 39 business days. That means you are spending over a month, every single year, putting together your social media posts and email marketing. The research showed us three other key points:

Most Astrologers want to spend less time putting their social media and email marketing together and more time servicing their clients but feel like they must spend all this time putting together social media posts to get the clients.

Most Astrologers complain that the bulk of their time on social media is researching and creating the content needed.

Email marketing campaigns generate an average of $42 for every $1 spent so you absolutely must have a mailing list and take time to create an email campaign every week.


Imagine what you could do with an additional 39 business days per year? Service more clients? Work on more creative projects. Spend more time making money? Spend more time on your family or your health and fitness goals? Actually, take that holiday?

This is where I can help. I’ve created all the content you need for a whole years’ worth of marketing.  No more researching what you want to write, no more scratching your head and trying to think up new ideas for your emails, Facebook, Twitter and Insta posts. 

Simply choose the content you want to use from the premade template packs, copy and past it into your email, Facebook post, Insta Image or Twitter and your content is ready to go.

Giving you an extra 39 business days a year to take that holiday, hang out with your kids or spend serving your customer base.


What will use the extra 39 days for? Will you start a new project? Expand operations?


Time is money. Make more of it by freeing up that 312 hour per year to use on something else.


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