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Introducing your Geraldton, Western Australian, Resume and Selection Criteria Writer

What if your career was different?

Imagine a different kind of Monday morning. One that you actually look forward towards.


Let me help you get more interviews with a professional resume.


Imagine. You wake up and check your email and there are 5 responses from employers asking for an interview. Your phone buzzes. You smile. It’s another interview request.

You can get the job you want. I’ll show you proof — with real clients. View testimonials here:


Get the job you want with a professional resume

Well...that sounds great. So why isn’t everyone getting a professional resume?

You would be surprised by just how many people are!

They know that with a professional resume writer, they have more control, more freedom, and more income with their careers.

Winner of the Australian Enterprise Awards 'Best Independent Resume Writer of the Year' Award

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About Your Geraldton Resume Writer

Hi, I'm Nicole Coggan.

At 22, I was working in the Shearing Sheds in the Australian Outback and then with a bit of luck and hard work — and a really awesome resume — I was able to craft a totally different life and a career in Employment Services where I worked for companies such as MAX, ITEC and DSDS to help some of the most disadvantaged clients in Australia find work.

I went from a shed hand with no experience to the Program Manager within 12 months based on my ability to write killer resumes that actually get results.


In 2012, I went out on my own and have been writing resumes for private clients where I can share my passion and experiences with clients all across Australia and New Zealand.

I want to help you get ahead in your career as well.


As your Geraldton Resume Writer, I'll write your resume for you so you can make all your career dreams come true this year.

Just like I've done for thousands of clients already. Now they're living their best lives.

Professional Resume = More Interviews


Get a professional resume and do what you love and earn more — not less.

Yes! There’s a way to get more interviews!

But it means you have to take professional advice.

The people who:

  • Earn more money than they ever thought.

  • Have a job they love.

  • Are building a career.


Are the same people who have a professional resume.

I know that I am good at my passion (resume writing) — and that I could help people, which how I started working with private clients back in 2012.

Let me help you as well. 

Career Test 

Are you feeling uncertain about your career path or struggling to determine which career is best suited for your personality and strengths? This  career test can help provide you with valuable insights to help guide you towards a fulfilling and rewarding career.

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