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 Professional Resume = More Interviews


A professional Resume and Selection Criteria Writer servicing all areas of the Central Coast including but not limited to Umina, Ettalong, Woy Woy, Gosford, Kincumber, Avoca, Terrigal, Long Jetty, The Entrance, Wyong, Toukley and Budgewoi.


Why Choose Me As Your Central Coast Resume Writer?

I've written resumes and selection criteria for thousands of people.

My clients get pay rises, promotions, jobs they love and get to switch careers.

My clients get to live the career of their dreams!

I'm thankful I get paid to work on my passions and share my resumes with the world.

Central Coast Resume Writing

I remember the first time I ever wrote my own resume. I made every mistake under the sun.

I wasted space with random hobbies and interests (none of them interesting!)

I got distracted by trying to work out what design I should use.

I got overwhelmed by all the advice out there.

But with each resume, I was learning.

I learned how to create a resume the employer found irresistible.

I learned how to package the resume up in a way that would resonate with the employer.

And over time, my resumes became so good, that I was hired as an Employment Consultant on the strength of my resume alone – despite having no formal experience in the field.

At first, I was hired as an Employment Consultant, but I was rapidly promoted to Program Manager when I realised, I could help the people who really wanted to be helped when it came to their career.

That's when I started going deeper and went out on my own, servicing private clients since 2012.

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Pro Resumes For The Central Coast

Have you thought about getting a professional resume before?

Maybe you thought someday…but not right now?

Let me ask you: Why are you not getting the interviews you want?

If we dig deeper, you might be surprised.

Maybe you don’t know where to start when it comes to writing your resume or selection criteria for a government application?

Where do you start? Ugh, there are a million websites about writing a resume. How do you know which advice to listen to? How should you put the pieces of the puzzle together? Confused? You don’t have to be.


Let me write your professional resume for you and you won’t ever have to worry about it again.

Maybe you hate selling yourself? Selling = sleazy. Does anyone really want to sell themselves? Let me do it for you. I’ll find your juiciest achievements and use these to put together a winning resume for you. No sleaze required.  

The code word for why people delay writing their resume or selection criteria to the last minute is overwhelm. I can help with that!

Introducing Your Central Coast Resume Service

My name is Nicole Coggan.

It's not just the technical side of writing a resume. It's knowing what to put in. And whose advice you should follow.

What a shame to never reach your full potential.

The good news is that all of these problems can be solved if you hire a professional to write your next resume or cover letter or selection criteria.

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My name is Nicole Coggan

Some of my client’s have achieved $60,000 pay rises. What could you do with an extra $60,000 per year?

Probably sleep well at night knowing that your bills are paid, and you don’t have any more money worries.

A professional resume is an investment in your future.

The most eye-opening truth in all of this?

There is nothing stopping you from ordering a professional resume today.

How much could a professional resume make you this year?

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