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You Are 100% Responsible For Your Career Problems

Updated: Oct 13, 2022

You Are 100% Responsible For Your Career Problems

Hi, guys. I'm Nicole Coggan, a bit of a motivational post today. So, what I wanted to talk to you about today is a 100% ownership for your own problems. That means not being a victim and being proactive in taking responsibility. Watch here: Now, there's a few reasons I say this. It doesn't just apply to work, it applies to everything. When people complain all the time, nobody wants to help you and nobody really wants to listen. If you think about people that complain all the time, you realize that you don't really want to be around them, you don't really care, you don't want to help them, and you don't want to listen. So, stop being a complainer and take a 100% responsibility for your own problems.

Now, let me explain what I mean like that. We all have days where we have a bit of a grumble, I have a little bit of grumble sometimes too, but I try to get myself back on track as soon as possible. Let's say that you have the boss from hell. Now, it's no way your fault that you have this crazy, psychotic boss that you need to work for, but by taking a 100% responsibility, and instead of just complaining about your terrible boss that is making your life hell, have you think about ways you could eliminate this boss from your life? For example, you could be looking for another job to get away from the boss.

So, that's something you could take a 100% ownership for, like, okay, there's nothing I can do about this crazy boss, so I'm going to remove this stress from my life by being proactive and looking for another job. Or let's say that your workload is too high, you have too much to do every day, you don't have enough time to do it. By taking a 100% responsibility, you say, okay, what can I do to fix this problem. Maybe I need to talk to my boss about getting in an assistant, maybe I need to talk to my boss about delegating some of this work to other staff, maybe I need to look at my time management.

Maybe I need to work out, you know, am I taking personal calls during work, am I taking an extra five minutes for lunch every day, am I being the most productive I can, can I implement a new system that's going to speed this up. You might get sympathy, people might say, oh, you poor thing, but it's not going to solve your problems.

To solve your problems and make your career the best it can be, you need to take a 100% responsibility for your own actions, that's extreme ownership. So, anytime something bad happens, and you want to whinge about it, by all means, have that little vent, but in the back of your mind, I want you to be thinking all the time, okay, this is my problem, how do I solve it, what can I do to solve it, and then take that action. I hope this made sense to you guys. Remember, being a victim might get you attention and sympathy in the short term, but it does nothing, absolutely nothing, nothing at all for you in the long term.

Extreme ownership is the way to go. So, feel free to comment in the comments below how you're going to take extreme ownership of your problems today. Thank you for listening, and I'll see you in another video. Bye for now.

Nicole Coggan is a professional resume and selection criteria writer servicing clients from around Australia including all the capital cities and places such as Coffs Harbour, Toowoomba, Wagga Wagga, Darwin, Cairns, Townsville, Mt Isa and Rockhampton. Professional resumes start at $129 with selection criteria writing available on a case by case basis. 

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