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Who are the Best Paid Resume Writing Services?

As a Professional Resume Service, I’ve seen a lot of work done by other writers over the years, and I have two Resume Writing Services who I refer my clients to repeatedly because I believe they are the best paid resume services in Australia. This includes John Back and Donna Miller Resumes. I also frequently refer to Katie Roberts Consulting if a customer needs a Resume Writer with more specialist experience.

Why would a resume writer refer to another resume writing service?

As a Resume Writer, if I’m on leave or something is outside the scope of what I do well, I refer most of my clients to John Back. John retired from recruitment for one of Australia’s major flight companies years ago and has been running his own resume and selection criteria consultancy ever since.

Additionally, I also refer to Donna Miller. Although Donna has limited availability, I always recommend my customers try and book in with either her or John when I am on holidays or unavailable. Everybody I have ever referred to her has been extremely happy with the service provided.

As an Independent Resume Writer, I do all my own work so when I take holidays, I often refer my customers go through either Donna or John, depending on their requirements. Although I write resumes for most industries, occasionally, someone may need a resume writer with more specialist experience such as a Bio Chemist. In these instances, I usually refer to Katie Roberts who has a team of Resume Writers and can match one of her staff depending on the job in question.

Who are the top-rated resume services near me?

The good news is, if you are in Australia, either myself, John or Donna can assist you. We all offer a remote consultancy and can usually have a draft of your resume to you within 48 hours, regardless of where you live.

Additionally, if you choose to work with me, I have membership with various cooperative offices around Australia, including in Noosa, Cleaveland and Toowoomba which I often work out of to provide a face-to-face service. I have hundreds of reviews from my customers, and you can read more of them here:

Based on value for money, I believe that I offer one of the best paid resume writing services across Australia. At $139 for a professional resume and with over 10+ years’ experience in the industry, I absolutely believe I am the best resume editing service in Australia when it comes to value for money. I offer free samples to prospective customers so they can see exactly what they are getting and if I think John, Donna or Katie would be able to do a better job, I’ll be the first person to say so.  

Who are the Best Reviewed Resume Writers?

When it comes to buying a new resume, you should check the website for reviews. Any resume writer who does a good job will have testimonials from past customers. People love getting a new job and always write in to say thank-you. This ensures that you are getting a top-rated resume service.

Read some of my reviews here:

Ready to get more interviews? Give me a call on 0439 160 982.

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