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What’s Keeping You Stuck In Your Career?

Now, I know no-one wants to admit they are not perfect but this challenge is all about taking responsibility and identifying the self-sabotaging behaviors that are holding you back from your dream career.

This can include things like:

• Bitching about co-workers

• Always coming to work late

• Not meeting sales targets

• Spending too much time talking to co-workers instead of working

• Too many days off because you had too much wine the night before

We all have areas we can improve upon.

Work is no exception. For example – I spend way too much time on Facebook. I estimate that I waste at least an hour a day on there. That’s a whole 4 pages I could have written in the same time so it is self-sabotaging my career.

Your challenge this week is to write a list of all the behaviours that are not helping your career. Once you have identified what it holding you back, you can work out how to eliminate them.

Ready to get started?

Write the list now.

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