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  • Kathryn Bailey

What is the Average Price for Resume Writing Services?

A quick search of the top resume writing companies listed on Google showed prices ranging from $125 to $499. Most resumes were priced at around the $200 mark. Many resume services offer tiered pricing depending on how much work history you have, although some writers offer a flat rate. The resume companies who don’t list their prices on their website are usually more expensive.

How much should you pay for a professional resume?

Why are some resume writing companies cheaper than others?

There are various contributing factors for the price difference between resume writers. For example, a company who hires multiple resume writers needs to cover the cost of wages, insurance and in some cases, office running costs. Expect to pay more if you use a major company.

On the other hand, independent resume writers don’t have the same outgoing costs so they can afford to be a little bit cheaper. You also need to consider what sort of resume you are after. Resume Writers who specialise in Executive and CEO resumes for example are usually $500+. Whereby Resume Writers who work with retail and hospitality workers, don’t need as much content on the resume are usually priced lower, and you can usually pick up a great quality resume for under $200.

For example, my resumes are $139. This is because I am an Independent Resume Writer. Although I’ve been writing resumes since 2006, and been out on my own since 2012, I can afford to keep my costs low because I do all the work myself. I don’t have staff to pay or large overhead costs. This allows me to pass the savings on to my customers who get the same quality result they would if they used a company charging $200+.

How much should a resume cost?

What should you look for in a Resume Writer?

There are a few things to keep an eye on. One of those are resume companies who farm out the work to third party contractors in other countries for a fraction of the price. Always ask your Resume Writer if they are Australian Based and if they do the work themselves or if they outsource it to other parties. Another thing to look out for is to make sure you are getting your resume done by an Australian Writer because the resume style between the USA, China and Australia is very different. You want your resume to reflect the Australian style.

Another thing to check is if your Resume Writer will show you samples of their work. Any good Resume Writer will have no issue in sending you over samples of previous work they have completed. This allows you to see if their style is a good fit for you or not. If they can’t produce a sample, it’s probably a good idea to give them a miss.

You should also check out the testimonials from other customers. Any Resume Writer who does a good job should have multiple positive reviews. People get excited when something works and usually write in to thank their writer for a job done well. If they don’t have any customer testimonials, it’s probably a good idea to also give them a miss.

I hope this helped you work out the average cost of a resume in Australia and why the pricing differs so much from writer to writer. If you need more interviews, feel free to flick me through a copy of your old resume and I’m happy to look at it for free and let you know if a professional resume would be of benefit to you. Call me on 0439 160 982 or send me an email with a copy of your old resume to Alternatively, for information on selection criteria, you can view examples here.

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