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Relocation For Work Case Studies

Updated: May 19, 2023

Finding it hard to break into a new career? Have you ever tried relocating for work? Here's some case studies to get you started.

Nicole: Worked in hospitality in Toowoomba - moved to Darwin for more work opportunities and was able to transition into a role as a Youth Worker.

Natalie: Wanted to work in Child Protection but couldn't catch a break in Brisbane. Relocated to Mt Isa and then transferred back to Brisbane after getting her foot in the door.

Amy: Worked in retail in Melbourne but wanted a government job. Moved to Darwin and became a Customs Officer.

Sandy: Worked as a Jillaroo in Charleville but wanted to work in Administration. Moved to Townsville and obtained work as an Office Manager for a major construction business.

Jason: worked in a factory in Toowoomba and couldn't find work outside of factory work. Moved to Bundaberg and got a FIFO role with a major Gas Company.

Jamie: Worked in hospitality in Melbourne and moved to Darwin - obtaining a role with the Federal Police.

These are just a few examples of what a change of location could do for your career.

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