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News From Resume Central

Jumping in with two bits of exciting news today.

I've been nominated as a finalist in the Australian Small Business Champion Awards. I'm so thrilled! It's my first nomination in this award category and I'm really excited!

I've been featured in the Rural Entrepreneur Magazine. I'm beyond thrilled to be featured in the magazine and again, so stoked for the opportunity. You can read it here

In other news...............I'm soon launching a new program to help job seekers rocket fuel their career. It will include 52 challenges delivered once a week to your inbox.

Career Camp will cover everything job-seekers need to know to fix their resume, find a job, identify their best career, draft cover letters and come up with a career action plan. Every task is broken down into a bite sized challenge that takes between 10 minutes and an hour to complete each week.

Follow me on Facebook to keep up to date with this program launch.

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