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Make 2023 Your Most Productive Year Yet

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

Hi, I'm Nicole Coggan from Nicole Coggan Resumes, and today, I'm here with notes this time to talk about making 2023 year most productive, yet eliminating some of your career friction and taking your career higher in 2023. So, please excuse me while I look at my notes because I did write them down and I don't want to miss anything for you. Watch video here: Now, the first thing I want you to write down and think about today is what 20% of things at work are causing you the most stress. It could be your coworkers, it could be a boss, it could be your clients, it could be the administration time, and then I want you to brainstorm possible solutions for each one that you could achieve yourself.

For example, if it's with your coworker, your action steps could be as simple as reading a book on how to manage co-worker friction, addressing the problem with your coworker, escalating the problem to your manager or supervisor. So, I want you to brainstorm all your steps even if there are steps you're not comfortable with.

I hate confrontation, but I still want you to brainstorm all the possible solutions for the 20% of problems at work that are giving you the most grief. We're going to try and eliminate these problems as the year goes on. Now, the other thing I want you to think about is what 20% of things at work are giving you the most happiness.

Let's say you're an administration worker and your customers are causing you the most dramas, but the thing that you love the most is the database entry. You really enjoy database entry. So, then, I want you to have a brainstorm about ways you can include more of this into your career.

It might look like changing a job that's less customer focused and more administration focused. It could be asking your manager if there's any way you could restructure to take on more administrational responsibilities and less customer handling.

Basically, we want to try and eliminate the stress moving forward into 2023 while upping the things that make us happy at work. Because if we're not happy at work where we spend most of our time, the rest of our life tends to be out of whack and out of balance as well.

Now, the next thing I want you to talk about I want to talk about is going into 2023 for the first week at work. I want you to ask yourself the following questions three times a day. Set your alarm on your phone for three random times each day. As soon as the alarms stops, it goes off, stop what you're doing and ask yourself, am I being productive or am I just being active.

Active would be like counting your paper clips and color coordinating them so your desk looks pretty. Productive would be sitting down and doing the work that needs to be done. Maybe you have a hundred customers that need to go in the database. Are you actively entering their details, or are you talking to a co-worker? This will eliminate times. There's so many times.

Every day, I do this even as a business owner at least three times a year. And so many times the alarm goes off, and I find out that I'm on Facebook, really bad, or that I'm going to get a drink, or that I'm on the phone to another resume co-worker having a chat about the weather, not work-related.

Like so many times, I would be so much more productive. It's a work in progress for me, and I think if you do this little alarm experiment, you'll find that it's work in progress too. But if you don't know what your areas that are limiting yourself are, then it's pretty hard to fix them.

So, first week of work, set that alarm three random times every day and then freeze and let me know what you're doing.

Now, that's it for my productivity tips for 2023. Thank you for listening. I'm Nicole Coggan and I'll catch you later. Thanks, bye!

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