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How to Make Your Boss Love You

Updated: Oct 13, 2022

One Simple Thing To Make Your Boss Love You

Hi, this is Nicole Coggan from Nicole Coggan resumes, and today I'm talking about the one simple thing you can do to make your boss really happy with you. Okay, so, it's really simple, solve the easiest problem that they have. You wanted to solve a problem with your boss? Maybe it's a problem that they didn't know yet they had, and you want to pick the easiest problem to solve. Start with the easiest and you can work your way up. But even if you just solve this one easy problem and that's the only thing you do this month, that's your task at the moment, that's my next challenge for you is to find a problem that your boss has and solve it. And just pick the easiest one, you don't need to go overboard, you can scale up to harder ones later. Watch here: So, let me give you some examples to get your thinking wheels going. Let's say that your boss is still manually sending out newsletters. Perhaps you could investigate some of the automated systems and present the boss with the list and say, hey, I think this will save you X amount of time. This is why.

It could be a problem with a returning customer, maybe you could bring that customer over to your side or get this customer on board or make an extra effort with this customer to make them really happy and reduce your boss’s headache. It could be there's a problem with workplace health and safety, and you can fix it yourself, you know how to fix it. You mentioned to the boss, hey, look, we've got this problem, I've got a solution for it. It'll take five minutes.

Get your boss to sign off on it and solve their little problem. You've won a reputation as a problem solver. Most of us just go to work autopilot eight hours a day, put in what we're doing, never sort of go above and beyond. But if you're thinking, what is a problem my boss has at the moment that's really easy for me to solve, and then you implement it, guaranteed this is something that your boss is going to notice.

And if you do these little steps over time, this is how you're going to be highlighted for the next promotion, or you're going to have pay rises, bonuses or make a great reputation in the workplace so that you can get a great reference when you leave. There's lots of reasons to make your boss happy, this is the simplest one to achieve. This is your challenge for the week. Whatever problem you solved, let us know in the Facebook group. If you haven't already signed up, make sure you do that, it's free. I run challenges in it all the time to make 2018 your best career year yet. Thanks for listening. I'm Nicole Coggan. Bye.

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