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  • Kathryn Bailey

Freelance Writing Income Report July 2018

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

So this month, the breakdown of where the money came from looked something like this (rounded to the nearest dollar):

  1. First of all, my freelance writing business brought in $ 9,068

  2. I do partner with another writer who I refer to if I am overrun with clients. This led to $500

  3. My E-books on Amazon brought in $13

  4. My Freelance Writers Course only runs twice a year so no revenue this month.

  5. My Selection Criteria Pack brought in $80 Of course – I’d love to make more passive income and do less one on one stuff but it’s a work in progress. Baby Steps! It kind of bugs me when people don’t list their expenses as well (but each to their own) so I like to show you what my expenses were as well (note I just rounded them to the dollar). I’m pretty sure I spent a tonne on professional development this month as well – but I’m going to have to check with my Book-Keeper about where that ended up on my report. Subscriptions (Software and programs): $312 Advertising & Marketing: $1366 Bank Fees $146 Accounting: $276 Donations: $259 Motor Vehicle Expenses $42 Printing & Stationary $14 Wages: $268 Phone and internet $283 Super: $ 140 So there you have it guys – a look at the July Income Report of a Freelance Writer. I hope you found it helpful and if you have any questions please get in touch.

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