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  • Kathryn Bailey

Freelance Writer Income Report June 2018

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

  1. Run a Freelance Writers Course

  1. Affiliate with another Writer

  2. Have a few random E-books published on Amazon

  3. Sell a DIY Selection Criteria Pack on Shopify. So first up let’s look at what comes from where: First of all my freelance writing business where I work directly one on one with clients to meet whatever their writing project is brought in $9572.91. As mentioned I also partner with another writer who takes on any work I can’t manage either because its outside of my zone of genius or because I’m overrun with clients. This led to $103.52 My two E-books on Amazon brought in $17.70. My Freelance Writers Course only runs twice and is not set to re-launch for another few months so revenue from it this month was zero. My DIY Selection Criteria Pack brought in $80. I use Shopify to sell my digital packages (you can also sell physical products through them). I LOVE Shopify because it integrates well with everything, is super easy to set up (pretty sure it took me less than an hour to set up my store) and you can either integrate it with your website or use it as a standalone store front. As you can see the bulk of my revenue still comes from one on one client work. I would LOVE to make more money through my passive income products and it is something I’m working towards but at this stage the bulk of my revenue comes from my freelance writing.

Of course, this list would not be possible without a break down of my expenses. I LOVE reading revenue reports but seriously to get the full picture YOU HAVE TO list your expenses. So my expenses for the month were: Subscriptions (Software and Programs) $230.58.  The programs I use to run my business are:

  1. Buffer: to schedule social media posts.

  2. Mailchimp: to manage my email list.

  3. Xero: to do all my book-keeping and accounting

  4. WordPress: My website is built on WordPress.

  5. BlueHost. If you are looking for a Hosting Service, I use and recommend these guys.

  6. Divi Themes: I cannot recommend enough that you fork out for a paid theme! The first few years, I tried to make do with a free one and it was a tech nightmare!

  7. Leadpages: I do all my sales pages with LeadPages. Either used as a standalone webpage or integrated with my Wordpress site. Seriously – my conversions as far as paying customers go went through the roof as soon as I started doing my sales pages using LeadPages.Advertising & Marketing: Things like paid directory listings, Facebook advertising etc $1548.80. Also any marketing material I need including Brochures and Business Cards. Professional Development: Courses that I do to keep my skills current like B-School or Conquer Club $396.81 Bank Fees $124.71 Accounting: $650 Donations: I like to give to the less fortunate. This month is was World Vision and Kiva $144 Motor Vehicle Expenses $430 Insurance $38.62 Wages: $485.24 ( I have an assistant that helps with admin on a casual basis) Phone and internet $288.18 Super: $225 Find this helpful? I'm happy to answer any questions you might have so drop me a comment and I'll reply as soon as possible. Hope this helps you with your dream of becoming a Freelance Writer.

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